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Jin Yuan Kang Industry Co., Ltd.

Jin Yuan Kang Industry Co., Ltd.
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Pengolahan peralatan plating medis

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Medical equipment electroplating processing, we have imported automatic plating production line, experienced production, research and development, management personnel, improve the management system, quality management and strict operation, the product according to the requirements of customers to do a long time acid and alkali salt spray test. Has 20 years of experience in electroplating processing for a number of large and medium-sized customers at home and abroad, as well as the world's top 500 brands of high quality and long-term service. Operating plastic water plating processing projects are:
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High-quality trivalent chromium, black chrome, pearl chrome, dark gun color, 24K gold, imitation gold, thick nickel wire drawing. Our electroplating parts can be based on the requirements of the guests for acidic and long time neutral salt spray test. At the same time with the times to develop a plastic nickel-free electroplating process, a large brand of mobile phones and headset accessories large manufacturers of long-term stable supplier. We have a professional electroplating production line, high-volume processing of high-demand high-demand nickel wire drawing products.

  Plastic water plating products, plastic nickel plating process is the purpose of coating the surface of the plastic metal, not only increase the appearance, and to compensate for the shortcomings of plastic, plastic materials to give the nature of metal, give full play to the characteristics of plastic and metal in one, the current Jinyuan Kang company in the plastic electroplating processing has made a wealth of technical experience, the processing of finished products have been used in a large number of electronics, automobiles, household appliances and other products. The company is located in Shenzhen Pingshan New Area, close to Guangzhou, Huizhou, Zhongshan, Shunde, Zhuhai and other industrial city, the main processing services are: plastic plating, plastic plating, Dongguan plastic plating, plastic vacuum plating, high demand plastic nickel-free water Electroplating, plastic vacuum plating, metal plating and other precious metal plating processing.

In order to reduce the toxicity of nickel on the human body, Jinyuan Kang electroplating process has been used nickel-free plating, also known as non-toxic plating. The EU has fully stipulated that all export plating parts must use environmentally friendly nickel plating (nickel free), and the main raw materials must also be non-toxic products.

The main processing products are:

Plastic plating, plastic plating, plastic plating, plastic plating, plastic engraving, auto parts plating, car in the network, decorative, round, handle extinguishing supplies electroplating, car audio accessories and car perfume, etc. Decorative plastic plating, shower accessories plating.

Electrical accessories and game consoles plastic parts electroplating: electrical twisting large pieces of electrical shell plating and drawing seal oil, electrical appliances decorative plating, button plating, all kinds of border plating and decorative plating.

Digital products, mobile phone products electroplating: digital camera plastic button plating, PC + ABS material two-color plating, cell phone keypad ink laser engraving, MP4, MP5 shell plastic plating, GPS navigation button ABS plastic plating, and so on.

Crafts electroplating: clothing shoes jewelry ABS plating, electroplating gifts electroplating gold, nickel plating, button plating, plastic ABS processing, high-grade plastic plating, furniture accessories plating, perfume cap plastic water plating. 

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